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Room 13

Room 13 is the Scottish primary school art room where the children run their own affairs, appointing and paying their own teacher in residence, keeping their own accounts and exhibiting their work in, among other places, the Tate Modern ...

Libertarian Education, March 2005

Room 13

Education for Freedom

Education is being reduced to forcing as many children as possible to take as many exams as possible, regardless of individual needs, talents or interests ...

Freedom, 2005

Education for Freedom

Lord of the Flies

The so-called “Lord of the Flies” syndrome is based on a misreading of the novel. This repudiation of the standard interpretation has appeared in several publications...

The Summerhill Journal, Young Minds and elsewhere, 2004 and 2005

Lord of the Flies

Patricia Amos

In 2002 Patricia Amos was sentenced to 60 days in prison, because her teenage daughters were not attending school. This article was written for KagekiAsakura, of Tokyo Shure University, to explain the situation to the horrified Japanese ...

Written in 2002 for Kageki Asakura of Tokyo Shure University.

Patricia Amos arrested
Open Learning: an introduction to the work of Falko Peschel

Falko Peschel is both an academic and a practising teacher. He developed his theory of open learning while working for four years with a class in an ordinary primary school ...

Libertarian Education, January 2007

Open Learning

Bullying in Schools

The suicide of Ayden Keenan as a consequence of bullying was reported on Channel 4 News on June 19th, 2013. The fact that this is not a sensationally unusual story is shocking enough in itself, but what made this case different was that Shy Keenan, Ayden’s mother, had made any number of attempts to get the school to do something about the bullying, and had always been turned away. On the programme she told us that Ayden had approached one of his teachers who had told him bluntly that nothing more could be done.


Unhappy by bullied at School

Inviting Children to Participate

An account of the Voice of the Children panels in Bergen in 1990 and Rio in 1992.

Not available on line
Published in Educational and Child Psychology, Vol. 11, No. 4, 1994, by the British Psychological Society.
ISBN 1 85433 162 0: ISSN 0267 1611

Good News for Francisco Ferrer

Published by the Manchester University Press in Changing Anarchism, edited by Jonathan Purkis and James Bowen, this article shows how many of the recommendations made by the Spanish anarchist educator, Francisco Ferrer, at the beginning of the 20th century have been put into practice over the years in many different schools.

Not available on line
ISBN 0-7190-6694-8

December 2010

Enseñar las lecciones equivocados, in Cuadernos de Pedagogia.


March 2009

An interview in Unerzogen.


December 2009

Ein Blick über den Zaun in Lernende Schule.

There is an abstract in German at:


January 2015

Creer en la bondad natural
Extracts from Children don’t Start Wars, translated into Spanish by Heike Freire.
In Menta Sana, la revista de psicología positiva








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