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One of the things I do in my spare time is compile crosswords. In the Saturday edition of The Times there is a special place for what is called The Listener Crossword. The puzzles that appear there are supposed to be the world’s most difficult crosswords. Compilers always have pseudonyms – mine is Waterloo.

Listener puzzles are never straightforward. They always have a particular theme which may be described in a preamble or left to be discovered by the solvers. The titles can be helpful too. The titles of some of mine are Cordial Entente which is half in English and half in French, Dyslexics Rule KO, in which a word in either the clue or the answer has two letters transposed, so TORUS might have to be read as TOURS, and Inflation, or Now We Are Twelve, in which any numbers that appear in answers have to be doubled before entry, so, for example, RANINE would be entered as RAEIGHTEEN.

You can find my Ways of Entering in The Times Listener Crossword Book, and Not Playing Fair and A Different Convention in The Times Listener Crosswords, by Derek Arthur. Both are available from Amazon.

Or you can join The Times Crossword Club (www.crosswordclub.co.uk) where past puzzles are available online.

There is a list of all my Listener puzzles at


One Sample Waterloo Puzzle

My Cousin's Bungle is an example of one of my crosswords. it was originally published in The Listener magazine on November 12, 1977.

A blank diagram, the clues, the explanations and the solved puzzle are available on this web site here.






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