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IDEN stands for International Democratic Education Network. The site offers lists of democratic schools, educational organisations and interested individuals around the world, with links to any relevant web sites, and up to date information about the IDECs (International Democratic Education Conferences) that take place in a different continent each year.
Phoenix Education Trust
The Phoenix Education Trust was set up to spread the ideas of democratic education in the UK. Its most high-profile achievement up to now has been ESSA, the English Secondary Students Association, but it is also the parent body to EUDEN, the European Democratic Education Network.
Libertarian Education
For over thirty-five years Lib Ed has been actively promoting freedom in education by publishing books, pamphlets and magazines and organising meetings, conferences and other events. For the last five years this web site has taken the place of the magazine.

Sands School
Sands is the school I helped to found in 1987.
This site shows what a remarkable school it has grown into. I would be surprised if anyone of secondary-school age could visit it without longing to go there.

This is the site for AERO, the Alternative Education Resource Organization,
which is based in the USA. It contains information about alternative
education of all kinds, including democratic schools.

Summerhill School
The oldest and most famous democratic school in the world
The Australasian Association for Progressive and Alternative Education
The site for ESSA, the English Secondary Students Association
Institute for Democratic Education
The Institute for Democratic Education, in Israel
The Online Directory of Democratic Education
This is an American website with close links to AERO. It lists relevant schools and other organisations all over the world, and provides a reading list.
Personalised Education Now
Personalised Education Now issues a quarterly newsletter, runs small conferences and publishes books. Home education is their main emphasis
Room 13
Room 13 Scotland is a student run art studio based in Fort William, Scotland and the hub of a worldwide network of artists, educators, thinkers and others professionals who share their work and their thinking.


















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