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Within democratic education systems young people show responsibility, concern for others, imagination and good judgement - qualities that are inhibited when values are imposed by adults.

Democratic Education is a growing movement, it is now being offered by over 200 places in more than 30 countries. I have given talks on the subject in France, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Poland and Spain as well as Germany, Austria and the UK.

When giving talks in some languages I need to have a complete text before me, even if I deviate from it, and the talk at the University of East Anglia was written out, so these are available here. They are a useful introduction to the benefits and the evolution of a system in which teachers and learners work together as equals.


United Kingdom Talks in English  

Norwich, 2005

Democratic Education


My Apprenticeship
(English translation of a talk given in Germany)

Four Topics
(English translation of a talk given in Italy)

Bedales School, and at a Futurelab conference at the University of Warwick, 2008 Who Asks the Questions?
Österreich Deutsch  
Vienna, 2001 Verschiedene Freiheiten
Salzburg, 2004

Demokratie in der Schule: Beispiele und Perspektiven

Vienna, 2004 Demokratische Schule - (Wie) geht das?
Deutschland Deutsch  
Leipzig , 2006

David Gribbles Lehrjahre

My Apprenticeship
(English translation of the talk)

Leipzig University, 2008
EUDEC (European Democratic Education Converence)

This talk Children don’t start wars was given in English
The book, Children don't Start Wars, which is also available on this site, covers the same ground in more detail.

Freiburg, 2006

Lernen freie Kinder genug?

Freiburg, 2012 Hostility to Democratic Education  

Italia, 2002
Treviso, Trieste, Ferrara, Padua and Milan.

Four Topics
(English translation of the talk)

La France Français  
Strasbourg, 2003 Ecarts culturels, ressemblance pédagogique
Toulouse, 2003 Des Ecoles alternatives en Angleterre (et autre part)
España Español
University of Navarre in Pamplona, April 2010
Free schools: Utopia and reality in daily practice






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